Accredited executive and team coach training with the AoEC

The AoEC is firmly established as one of the leading providers of world-class, accredited executive and team coach training. Recognised for the excellence of its programmes, the AoEC is one of the few coach training providers to hold triple accreditation with the industry’s major professional bodies for our core programmes.



Our courses for individual and team coaches are rigorous, challenging and centred around you. The AoEC’s focus is on delivering a powerful and transformative learning experience that is based on a rich blend of immersive practical and experiential learning and theory. AoEC programmes are delivered in a safe and encouraging learning environment which is designed to stretch and support participants.



Our consultancy services are offered to organisations and feature a portfolio of tailored solutions and products that can serve to address a multitude of issues facing both large and small businesses today. We work at all levels within an organisation to help build a coaching culture where the emphasis is placed on improving performance, maximising your people’s potential and driving business success. Our team of consultants are experienced coaches with direct expertise in supporting businesses with their management practices and people strategies. We will work with you to embed sustainable change and encourage a culture of inspirational and trusted leadership, employee engagement and talent management as well as being able to assist with an organisation’s wellbeing strategy. In addition, we deliver in-house training programmes for HR professionals, organisational development specialists and internal coaches, as well as coaching for teams, management and young professionals.  



Available as open programmes or in-house


Putting you in the shoes of both the coach and the coachee, you will understand the real power of coaching and its everyday applicability first-hand.


This foundation-level course is the gateway to the AoEC’s suite of accredited coach development programmes and the first step in becoming a professional coach.


Held over two consecutive days, the Coaching Skills Certificate is formulated to introduce you to the principles and practice of coaching. You will learn how to use an effective four stage model that will allow you to begin coaching right away and enable you to reflect on whether coaching is right for you.


It will equip you with the core skills required to confidently and effectively coach a client, developing them in a safe, expert-guided environment. You’ll learn how to help others define what they want, set goals based on their values, and support them in striving for greater fulfilment.


The course will also help improve management techniques as well as making you more efficient in the workplace or in motivating others. It is suitable for those who are looking to take their interpersonal skills to the next level, as well as those considering integrating coaching into their work or embarking on a career as an executive coach.



Preparing you to be more independent and resilient in the workplace, you’ll gain the awareness and tools to perform at your best.


Coaching has traditionally been a skill typically acquired much later in your career and this programme aims to have a significant and positive impact on the engagement and motivation of those at the beginning of their career.


The certificate is designed to equip the next generation with coaching skills to support their development and is indispensable for young professionals looking to polish their interpersonal skills as they enter the workforce and to be the best self that they can be.


This is two non-consecutive day, experiential course and puts you in the shoes of both the coach and the coachee, giving participants a real understanding of the power of coaching and its everyday applicability first-hand.



Supporting you to become a qualified coach, this diploma provides you with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to get started and enables you to develop your own unique coaching model.


The Practitioner Diploma enables individuals to become qualified coaches. It explores coaching’s key principles, develops your unique personal style and equips you with a toolbox of skills indispensable for coaching in a corporate environment. The diploma is rigorously designed to meet the core competencies for accreditation/credentialing with three of the top coaching bodies.


You will work closely with the AoEC’s highly skilled faculty in a series of x3 two days modules spread over a four month period combined with reading, e-learning, tutorials and practice.



This programme underpins individual coaches and organisational consultants seeking to develop a team coaching perspective.


This certificate provides a thorough introduction to the core concepts in Systemic Team Coaching (STC) and is suitable for experienced coaches and organisational development (OD) consultants who already have some team coaching or facilitation experience. Through this programme you’ll be able to integrate the thinking and some of the practice into your coaching, consulting or team leadership.


Unlike one-off workshops and team building exercises, team coaching enables teams to identify and resolve their challenges over a programme lasting several months which results in deeper learning and more sustainable change. It usually involves coaching the team together as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals.


Through our ‘systemic’ approach, team members also focus on the various systems in which they operate. Most team coaching focuses exclusively on the team’s internal ways of working and relationships; STC looks more broadly at the influences outside the team, not just within it.


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