Relocate Awards 2021: Exceptional Achievement Across International Management and Mobility

Updated: May 13, 2021

Take pride in your achievements, resilience and agility!

The Relocate Awards 2021 are now officially closed.

When we refreshed the Award categories for 2020, introducing categories to align with Think Global People, little did we know how fortuitous that would be. Now in 2021 we have the opportunity to celebrate and showcase the exceptional achievements of organisations and individuals who have used the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic to re-examine their business model or generate new products and services.

Get a flavour of what you can expect from the fabulous 2021 Awards by watching the 2020 Virtual Awards highlights video, which has had over 12,200 YouTube views - and counting!

Innovation and Technology

The extraordinary impact of the pandemic has accelerated innovation and technological advancements that would previously have taken years longer to develop. We want to hear about the advances you have made so you and your team can get the recognition you deserve.

Opportunities for global mobility professionals now

The strong messages coming through from global mobility professionals are around the opportunities to support the business and take on a stronger strategic role. We look forward to hearing how global mobility is being valued and recognised across organisations large and small. What difference are you making to leadership priorities and how are you able to drive home the importance of managing international people well? What is your road map for the future and how have you delivered in these challenging times?

Take pride in your achievements, resilience and agility

Some sectors have been particularly hard-hit by the impact of the pandemic, including travel, hospitality and logistics. The process of completing your entry will enable you and your team to reflect with pride the achievements, resilience and agility of your organisation and the people in it as you build for the future. People across industry sectors and geographical regions have pulled together, solved problems and supported each other. Let this shine through in your submission as you document your journey.

Change across working practices and the workplace

2020 has demonstrated the importance of flexible working practices and remote working, which will change attitudes to work and the workplace forever. Your entry can reflect how you have embraced change and what strategies you have in place for the future.

Help shine a light on inclusion and cultural awareness

The issue of diversity and inclusion is in the spotlight. Inequalities have been demonstrated not only by lockdown and the impact of coronavirus on health and wellbeing, but also by civil protests. As an industry sector that appreciates the value of cultural awareness, now is the time to demonstrate what works well and how you operate so successfully across borders.

Social good and sustainability

The strides you have made in environmental issues or your organisation’s social responsibility initiatives can be rewarded in our new award introduced last year. Perhaps you were able to respond in your local community during the pandemic or you have a sustainability project that inspires your team. Enter this award and thank your team for their efforts.Whatever discipline or industry sector, size of organisation or region of the world you are from, enter the Think Global People and Relocate Awards. Raise awareness of the importance of supporting globally-minded people and organisations to flourish and grow.

The winning formula

Share your success story, what you are most proud of and how you measure your success. Convince the judges that your actions are outstanding. Be persuasive and dynamic.


  • How your service delivers a top-quality, positive relocation experience that is personalised to the needs of a diverse mobile population.

  • How your service responds professionally and successfully to change, and how you provide a resource-efficient and cost-effective service.

  • How you support your people to deliver exceptional service quality in an increasingly global and diverse marketplace.

Awards Timeline

Entries open: 11 January

Entries close: 21 March


Virtual Awards Ceremony: 11 June

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