Way Forward to Recovery with The Management Shift

How can The Management Shift help recalibrate and unleash our creativity to create better, more humanised businesses and other systems? by Professor Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic, Hult Ashridge Executive Education & Management Shift Solutions Limited

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Every country in the world has been affected by the global pandemic since March 2020. For some people, lives were changed dramatically and irrevocably due to this pandemic. But for some, this crisis may represent an opportunity to create something new, something better.What if we now have a chance to let go of old systems that do not work anymore and co-create new systems that are more humanised, more fit for purpose? New systems for businesses, education, health care, government, and other areas. We do have a chance now to recalibrate and unleash our creativity to create a better world.Some years ago, I have created The Management Shift approach and set of tools that can help to achieve just that: to create better, more humanised businesses and other systems.

The Emergent Leadership Model

The essence of The Management Shift is the 5-Level framework, also known as the Emergent Leadership Model (Figure 1), which shows that our individual mindset goes through five levels and there is a corresponding organisational culture at each level. Every level is characterised by specific thinking patterns, language used, leadership style and organisational outcomes. This framework is based on many years of my interdisciplinary research and has been used by 1000s of leaders all over the world in the last decade.

At Level 1, the mindset is “Lifeless” and culture “Apathetic” and not much gets done at this level. There is a lot of fear, worry, depression, blame, and toxic leaders create toxic cultures. This is not a nice place to be at.

At level 2, the mindset is “Reluctant” and culture is “Stagnating”. The leaders are not inspirational at all, and people do minimum they can get away with, just to get the paycheck. They bring their body to work, but their heart and mind stay at home.

At level 3, the mindset is “Controlled”, and culture is “Orderly”. At this level we follow the rules, we comply, we tick the boxes, we achieve KPIs. We are micromanaged by big leaders with big egos.

At Levels 1, 2, and 3 majority of organisations and societies operate today. And this is one of the key causes for many problems we are experiencing at individual organisational and societal level.

So, we need to go through The Management Shift or the ‘Big Shift’ and move to level 4. At Level 4, the mindset is “Enthusiastic”, and culture is “Collaborative” and everything changes. Performance, innovation, engagement, and profit improve substantially, in some cases profit increases by 100% within a year. At this Level, the keywords re trust, transparency, purpose, collaboration, communities, creativity, resilience, having fun working and making a difference for various stakeholders.

Occasionally we can reach Level 5, where the mindset is “Limitless”, and culture is “Unbounded”. At this Level, we reach for the stars, and we achieve what was thought to be impossible to achieve before. We work relentlessly on some amazing innovations for humanity and we want to solve big global problems, such as hunger, pollution, pandemic or global recession.

The objective is to be at Level 4 and occasionally go to Level 5. If we do go down temporarily to lower levels, we bounce back quickly and easily to Level 4 once we get anchored at this level.

When leaders and a critical mass of employees anchor at Level 4, the entire organisational culture anchors at Level 4. When we have a critical mass of organisations operating from Level 4, the entire society shifts to Level 4, anywhere in the world. And this is crucial now to get on the road to recovery and create better organisations and better society at large.

Within Management Shift Solutions Limited, we have created a number of programmes, assessment and training tools to help individuals and organisations to go on transformational journey. To help this transformation, we have also created free Level 1 Membership area with various free learning resources with educational videos and exercise books. Within Insights area, we provided a number of articles and blogs, whilst Research area has examples of case studies, interviews with leaders and podcasts.You can access all these tools for individual and organisational transformation at this link: https://themanagementshiftportal.com/level-one

Indeed, this crisis is an opportunity.

Opportunity to shift ourselves and our companies, and entire society to Level 4. It is an opportunity to operate in a more humanised way and create happier, healthier, and more purposeful workplaces that do well by doing good, and where everybody wins.

Everyone has the power to create the ripples of transformation. With every word, thought, action, we create ripples and impact people around us, and those ripples spread more widely. One single change, one small action can lead to big outcomes.And every change counts.

I hope that you can realise how powerful you are for creating this change, and start creating those ripples for transformation to make this world a better place.

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